English notes

This is an Norwegian homepage for Norges Fjordhestlag (Norwegian Fjord Horse Association). It is made for the benefit of the members which is almost 100% Norwegian speaking or understanding. Norges Fjordhestlag and Fjord Horse International Association work relatively close together, but Norges Fjordhestlag concentrates on the national aspect to the Fjord Horse while Fjord Horse International  Association work internationally, mostly with export and information.

Lindsay Wagner med Solar.
Woodstock, Vermont 1987.
Foto: J. Exon.
A lot of countries have their own Fjord Horse Association or Society. If you take a look at our links-page, you'll find some of those which are on the internet. If you can't find an association for your country, contact our secretary or FHI for information on associations not present on the internet.

Searching the internet for "Fjord Horse"
There are a lot of interesting sites about the Fjord Horse on the internet. Most of them are in English, and are therefore understandable to most people. But being a Fjord-fan, text is not always most important when you find new Fjord Horse web pages. "Pictures tell a thousand words", they say. If you are using a search engine, such as Altavista, Yahoo, Google or the Norwegian Kvasir, words that can help you in the search for Fjord-sites would be: fjordhest, fjord horse, fjordhorse, norwegian fjord pony, nordbag, vestlandshest, norsk fjordhest, fjord pferd and fjording. All of them are different (but not always correct) names for the Fjord Horse.